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Wednesday 11am--2pm
June--October, Rain or Shine


526 Chebucto St., Baddeck, Nova Scotia, B0E 1B0


We are a varied group of community-minded people from around the southern reach of the Cabot Trail. We believe that the addition of a central market in Baddeck benefits many people within our community, as well as the community as a whole. We think that there are many advantages to local markets, and that there is a definite need and desire for this project in our community.


A community market at the heart of the community.


To create a vibrant market that encourages local food production and economic sustainability, while fostering the spirit of community. We promote the benefits of locally produced and sourced products, through education and by building connections between producers and consumers within Cape Breton.


One of our goals is to serve as an educational outlet in the community. We believe that community markets provide the public with an opportunity to learn more about the products that are being produced in their communities, as well as the benefits of healthy eating and small-scale food production.

Another of our goals is to encourage local production and consumption of goods. We believe that this can be accomplished by providing local producers with an outlet to sell products, while providing local consumers an opportunity to purchase local products. This arrangement also encourages other artisans and small-scale farmers to participate in this local initiative, which will in turn improve the sustainability of our community.


The Market is a registered Nova Scotia Society, Joint Stocks Registry ID number 3246427. As a Society, we are a not-for-profit enterprise. All board members are unpaid volunteers who donate their time and expertise to organising and managing our market, and to operating the Market Society. The Board appreciates the assistance we get from interested community members and market vendors each week.

  • Douglas Ronne, Baddeck
    Lead Developer
    Chair & Director
  • Mickey Freeman, Sydney
    Business Developer
    Co-Chair & Director

  • Donald Hamm, Baddeck
    GMO Resister
    Secretary & Director

  • Bernie LeBlanc, Baddeck
    Resource Developer
  • Bryan Picard, Baddeck
    Chef at TheBiteHouse

  • Karen Welton, Nyanza


The Baddeck and Area Community Market Society gratefully acknowledges the timely assistance of these generous donors: